If you have the talent and desire, NVY Artist Development’s combined over 50+ years of experience in the music industry can help you achieve your dreams in music – whether that dream is to work with some of the top talents in the business, to release music that you are proud of, or to cut through a crowded marketplace in hopes of breaking.


There are an abundance of singers, songwriters and musicians with a wealth of talent – and an insatiable desire to make it – but no real idea of how to break into the music industry. And, more importantly, with no idea how to earn a living through music.  Considering most managers and labels won’t take on artists who aren’t already earning significant income there are scarcely few opportunities for aspiring artists to work with top-level teams without auditioning for a reality TV show and signing away their rights.


NVY Artist Development provides what the major labels no longer provide – true artist development.  In every aspect of an artist’s career, we provide the tools necessary to succeed.  From a comprehensive promotional and marketing strategy, compelling music and video content, and industry connections, we can help an artist bridge the gap between where they are and where they desperately desire to be. 


Many consultants will claim they can help.  But our seasoned team of professionals have a proven track record of success. They have worked with internationally renowned major label recording artists (Lady Gaga, Avril Lavigne, Pink, Santana, Lionel Richie) as well as built sustainable careers for self-contained indie artists who prefer the DIY approach (Mree, Emily Zeck, Alice Kristiansen). 


Social Media Strategy

Spotify Playlisting

Image Consulting

Stage Performance Coaching

Brand and Story Development

Artwork, Biography, Press Photos, Packaging and Messaging

Management Consulting

A&R Consulting

Audio Production

Video Production

Public Relations

Digital Marketing